Public transportation

OC Transpo
The bus. Hey, it ain't no subway but it's a pretty efficient and cheap way to get around town. Most major bus routes have bike racks and you can take your bike on the O-Train as well. Speaking of the O-Train, it's a light rail train between Lebreton Flats and South Keys. Take it during the daytime to check out the grafitti. Word on the street is the O-Train doesn't have fare inspectors, but some woman with a clipboard asked me to take my feet off the seat so I wouldn't chance it. Check out the link above for fares, schedules and more info or call 613 741-4390.

Societe de Transport de L'Outaouais (STO)
Bus information for Alymer, Buckingham, Cantley, Chelsea, Gatineau, Hull, Masson-Angers. Now you have no excuse to miss out on punk/hardcore shows in the Outaouais. Check the website or call 819 770-3242.

Alternate transportation


Whether commuting or looking for adventure, Ottawa-Gatineau has over 150km of bike paths from the downtown core, all the way out to the burbs and beyond. The Gatineau Hills are nearby for mountian biking too. Bike maps are available at visitor information centres or by calling 613 239-5000 or 800 465-1867.
Every Sunday morning during the summer Ottawa-Gatineau's parkways are closed to motorized vehicles, from 9am-1pm in Ottawa and from 6am to noon in the Gatineau Park.

Recycles Bike Co-op
A great place to get a cheap recycled bike, or fix your own bike. They also provide repair/maintenance workshops to groups and individuals. 112 Nelson, just North of Rideau St.

Bike Dump
Another place to get a cheap recycled bike, get parts or havethem fix your bike.

Critical Mass
Monthly activist ride with other bike/anti-car activists. Meet at Confederation Park the last Friday of the month at 5:30pm. Bring your bike, scooter, rollerblades, skateboard or other non-motorized vehicle.

Citizens for Safe Cycling

Ottawa Bicycle Club

Kanata-Nepean Bicycle Club

Ride Sharing

While ride sharing can be a cheap and environmentally friendly way to travel, please be cautioned that "hitchhiking" on the information super highway can be as dangerous as on the real thing.

Some services do have authentication processes and logs, others don't. Always get a phone number/address of those you are carpooling with and don't hesitate to ask to see a driver's licence and call a friend/relative in the town you are going to with that information.

punkottawa.com ride sharing board
Wouldn't you rather ride in a beat up Corolla listening to Operation Ivy?

ott.rides newsgroup
Interweb newsgroup for ridesharing to/from Ottawa. If the above newsreader link doesn't work try the read only links below:
via usenet replayer http://wap.usenet-replayer.com/data/ott/rides/index.html
via flora news://news.flora.org/ott.rides

Internet ride sharing website. Also has used books and classifieds.

Link to the Ottawa ridesharing section.

Car Sharing

Gives members 24 hour access to a fleet of 33 cars stationed in over two dozen locations around Ottawa. Various membership/access fees depending on useage. $500 refundable deposit. 613 798-1900

Outaouais version of Vrtucar. 819 595-5181


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